Social Responsibility


Being a company that has the awareness of the value of our natural resources, we care for the protection and sustainable use of them. We believe that being attentive while using these resources is significance of respect to earth, environment, humanity and future generations. Within the frame of our corporate social responsibility policy, we follow the ethical values about the environment, consumers and public health in the course of our operations.

In order to increase the living standards of our habitat, our staff, their families and all people within our operational area, we provide service and invest predominantly in education, health, art and culture, and environment.


We never forget that human resources is the most important element for developing sustainable living and we never avoid investing in people. We provide the best environment and resources for our employees to improve themselves continuously. To ensure effective and efficient work done, we authorize our employees and we appreciate them.

We are careful about equality of opportunity and oppose all discrimination based on language, race, color, sex, political view, belief, religion, sect, age, physical disability among our employees in our corporation. We respect the personal rights of our employees, and promise to provide them honest, fair, safe and healthy working environment.